Everything you should know about garlic



Definition and history

  • Garlic is a species in the onion family and is scientifically known as Allium Sativum.
  • It originated from Egypt in 3200BC.
  • The garlic plant is white in color and has the form of a bulb which is divided into cloves.
  • You can easily identify it from the lovely pungent smell it exudes when crushed
  • Presently, it is mostly found in Asia and the middle East

General Uses

Garlic has a wide of range of uses. They include;

  • Cooking. It is used in cooking food, especially meat dishes.
  • Making spices.
  • It is used as medicine for curing ailments like flu, heart attacks and blood pressure.

Specialized Use

  • In ancient Greece, soldiers were given garlic as it was believed to make them courageous
  • It is used to make a special type of bread known as garlic bread.


  • It is mostly useful in the cooking industry, both commercial and household and in the medical field.

Garlic as a profit making venture

Since garlic is not very expensive and hard to grow, I would construct green houses that plant garlic exclusively. Due to its strong smell and medicinal properties, I’ll use it to develop a mouthwash that helps people with bad mouth odor.
The mouthwash products in the market are mostly made by big toothpaste brands like colgate which means they are a bit expensive. Making an affordable mouthwash, which most people are in need of and doesn’t have a lot of competition would be quite profitable. Additionally, any leftover garlic after production will be sold to the market, hence no waste.

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