Why management should be close to the communication department




I recently worked as a communications intern in an organization that is in the financial sector. During my three months period there I discovered that even in this era, there are still some organizations that have not realized the importance of publicity, branding, communication and particularly the public relations department.

The organization had an active communication department that was quite vibrant. The only problem was that the organization had no contact with the top management especially the Chief Executive Officer. The most interaction that took place was during speech wring, and operation of talking points, which still rarely involved actual interaction even with the manger in the communication department.
As a result many opportunities of publicity were lost. As one of the key players in the organization, I expected at least the CEO to have an active twitter handle which he uses as an influence, I expected every event he attends away from the organization to be covered at least on his social pages as well as the organizations but this was not the case.
He had a dormant twitter account, and was normally accompanied by fellow top management officials and his personal assistant who had no background in communication.

In this era that we live in, communication is key especially if you are in a competitive sector.
Organizations have learnt the importance of publicity and have learnt to adapt. Since officials like the Chief Executive Officer are normally quite busy, it is integral that he or she has a communications who is close at all times. This public relations officer can be the one following him to events, talking pictures and publicizing them on social media and even sending them to local newspapers, he or she can also assist in managing their social media pages especially their twitter handle.

This will assist the company in their overall publicity. They can even use an avenue like twitter to become an online influencer by sharing their opinions about different matters especially in their sector. It will even be much easier for them as the public tend to follow and trust the top management officials.
As the saying goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” I tried to propose these ideas but my words floated away like the wind each time. I do hope that one day, the organization will consider this and even if they don’t, I’m sure competition will force them to. For organizations out there, it is time you made the public relations department your best friend. Time and chance waits for no man!



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