How Kenyan companies are winning the hearts of millineals


The Millennials, also referred to Generation Y, comprise of individuals born between 1997 and 1998. These individuals have been described as passionate, creative, trendy, ever changing fellows who cannot survive without technology especially their phones and internet.

Millennials are frequently evolving and adopting new trends. Though most of the older generations including employers have complained a lot about these fellows, some companies have wisened up and found a way of adapting to their style in order to woo them to their side.

Two such companies are Kenya Commercial Bank and the leading mobile network operator in Kenya, Safaricom Limited.

The banking sector is not the most interesting sector. It involves a lot of mathematics, finance and accounting, loans, deposits and withdrawals and wouldn’t be considered as an interesting environment per say.

However, Kenya Commercial Bank, popularly known as KCB, has found a way to make themselves extremely appealing. All companies have adopted social media but not all of them have managed to be successful in it. When you visit Kenya Commercial Bank Facebook page, you’ll be surprised to see the level of engagement with the public as well as their following. On average, their posts, garner up to five hundred comments in a day with more than a thousand likes.

They also have a following of one million, one hundred and forty three thousand and counting. Unlike the other banks, which have limited their social media to posts about their products, loans and foreign exchange currencies, KCB page is full of life. They post jokes, participate in trends that people are doing like the famous challenges where Kenyans act out a scenario that had been done by someone on television. When they are advertising their products they do it in a lively way that spur people to not only engage but also eventually consider using their products. They even use Kiswahili on their online posts which is not common with their fellow counterparts. They also have a blog.

They also keep adopting new ways of advertising themselves in an indirect way, for example, they have a popular television show called ‘The Lion’s Den’ in which people pitch their ides to investors and et a chance of having Kenya’s industry gurus invest in their business.

Another company is Safaricom Limited. Safaricom has managed to maintain the monopoly in the Kenyan mobile network industry because of their abilities to adapt to trends and constantly innovate which is the very heart of who millennial are. Their adverts are witty and lively. They have invested greatly in their social media and enjoy a following of over a million on Facebook and twitter.

In 2016 Safaricom came up with a product called Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) that took the young Millennials storm. This was a package which young people of twenty six years and people could subscribe to on their phones. It had cheaper deals on airtime and they also organized country wide concerts where they brought together people who have excelled in different disciplines like journalism, fashion, technology etc to mentor young people.

The concerts were flooded with young people as it was not only cheap but also an opportunity for mentorship and fun. The BYOB is still continuing today and enjoys lot of success.
In my opinion, its organizations like these that will keep flying high in their sector. This is because instead of complaining about the instability of Millennials, they have found a way of incorporating the Millennials by providing products and means of interaction that are appealing to them.
For organizations, that are looking to be successful in the coming years, especially with the rapid technological advances, adapting to trends and appealing to the current generation is the way to go.