Creativity as a tool for motivation


Every human being has a creative bone. Not everyone can pick up a brush and create a ‘Monalisa’, or write like Shakespeare, but in one way or another we all have something that we do in an artistic way. This could be the ability to organize a house in a simple yet attractive way, the ability to take useless things and turn them into treasure, or even good oratory skills that convince people about anything.
For most individuals this is the thing that makes them come alive, it’s the one thing that they find gratification in doing but since it can’t necessarily pay the bills, they shelve it and opt for formal employment that has a guaranteed inflow of cash.
Most organizations are full of employees who are unmotivated and if given the opportunity would happily quit and make their ‘hobby’ a job.
But what if organizations dared to create room where employees are given the chance to practice their creativity? What if employees can incorporate their creativity in their daily jobs? Wouldn’t the motivation they have when practicing their hobbies be channeled into organizations wellbeing? I believe that this would be possible.

  1. How then can organization create such an environment?
    One way is by asking employees from different departments to take part in activities that are mainly limited to the public relations department. For example, during internal events like end of year parties, the public relations office can invite employees from other department to participate. The ones who are good at interior décor can assist in the planning, others can come up with ideas, those with talents like making people laugh can be included in the program etc.
  2. Some employees have hidden talents like writing. An organization can come up with an internal online magazine where staff members can channel their creative writing and have it read by the rest of the staff. Those who are good at drawing or painting can also submit their pieces etc. The employees who are extremely good at writing can also be allowed once in a while under supervision to assist in formulating the organizations messages, writing articles on the company blog if there is one etc
  3. There can also be a creative team where employees can submit their ideas on how to improve the organization both internally and externally. The organization should also try as much as possible to implement these ideas and acknowledge the individuals so as to boost motivation.
  4. During campaigns such as ‘cancer drives’, ‘customer care week’ etc other members of staff even if they aren’t in the communication team can be invited to solicit creative ways of conducting the campaigns.
  5. Have rewards for the participating members to also encourage them and others to participate.

Since every organization desires to be constantly innovative, and some employees have hidden talents they would wish to practice, I believe creating an environment where they can incorporate creativity will be a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee.




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